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New AWS SSM feature to tunnel SSH with port forwarding support

AWS SSM already had a “session manager” feature that allowed users to get command prompts through a web browser. The big advantage this had over providing an SSH bastion host is that SSM is covered by the same governance context as other AWS services: authentication and authorization via IAM, with audit via CloudTrail.

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First impressions of AWS Glue

I’ve worked with both old-school ETL tools (Informatica, SSIS), and more recently worked with Spark. My takeaway is that AWS Glue is a mash-up of both concepts in a single tool.

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Five tips for AWS certification exam

I just passed the exam for AWS Solution Architect - Associate level. I wanted to share some observations and tips from my personal experience with the exam. (Disclaimer: this is only my personal experience so YMMV.)

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