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SQL Server, JDBC and compiled query plans

I had a query like this

select ... from big_table where key in (select key from other_table where id between @p1 and @p2)

I had noticed it was performing badly, and the plan didn’t make any sense. The values for @p1 and @p2 typically return a small number (200-500) rows from the subquery, which in turn retrieves a small fraction of the overall rows in big_table. Yet the estimate was off by an order of magnitude, showing that the subquery was expected to return about 1000x the number of rows it would in practice.

I noticed if I ran DBCC FREEPROCCACHE or sp_recompile, I could force the query to be recompiled with the plan I expected. So I assumed the issue was parameter sniffing, and maybe somehow the query compiled originally with values that triggered a different plan. But it turned out in this case, it was exactly the opposite–my problem was that parameter sniffing was not happening.

I was able to show this with a test case to reproduce my problem within SSMS.

If I ran the query with sp_executesql multiple times, with different parameter values, the parameters on the first execution would be “sniffed” as I expected and subsequent executions would use the same plan with frozen estimates.

If I ran the query wuth sp_preparesql instead, then the query plan is compiled with no known parameter values, similar to what I get with OPTIMIZE FOR UNKNOWN.

After I found this post, I believe that the JDBC driver must be using sp_preparesql under the hood, and there is likely a setting I could tweak to resolve the issue and get the expected plan.

Written on March 15, 2021