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Microstrategy Visual Insights live connection issues

Microstrategy’s data import feature is promising, because it can shorten the time to insight. Instead of architecting a project schema up front (attributes, facts, metrics), you can import tables directly into a dataset (Intelligent Cube).

The new “Connect Live” capability, introduced in MSTR 10, is especially interesting because it gives you the best of both worlds: rapid development by going straight from DB to dashboard, while generating queries to push filters and aggregation into the DB just like the traditional ROLAP model. Because the data is fetched on demand, you don’t have to pre-filter the dataset for the use case to keep it under the in-memory size limit – filters can be specified on the dashboard directly and those get translated into WHERE clauses in SQL. Likewise you don’t have to worry about refreshing the intelligent cube when your underlying data changes.

Of course, there’s a catch.

I ran into a number of issues with Connect Live:

Given all these traps with live connections it may be counterproductive to use them for anything non-trivial, like discovery with simple filters and roll-ups. When it was all said and done, dealing with the above issues on a small model might have cost me more time than modeling a classic project schema.

In-memory datasets are an option and tended to work more reliably, but only if your dataset is small, or your use cases can be supported by pre-filtering at the dataset/intelligent cube level. Also, it is not obvious to an end user that changing your Data Access Type might change your results or break your dashboards – the only difference between live/in memory should be performance and operational characteristics.

Written on November 9, 2016