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See Redshift queries behind cursor fetch

By default, the Redshift ODBC/JDBC drivers will fetch all result rows from a query. If your result sets are large, you may have ended up using the UseDeclareFetch and Fetch parameters. But if you do this, you won’t see your actual queries in the STL_QUERY table or Redshift console. Instead you will see that the actual long-running query looks like

fetch xxx in "SQL_CUR4";

So you will have to do some extra work to see where the actual query came from.

The underlying SQL query will actually be in STL_UTILITYTEXT, to open the cursor. You can get the SQL like this:

select ut.* from stl_utilitytext ut
  join stl_query q on q.xid = ut.xid and =
 where query=? and text not like 'begin;%' and text not like 'close "%'
 order by sequence;

It will take some editing to reformat the SQL for copy-paste.

Note that many of the online forums mention STV_ACTIVE_CURSORS but this is not that helpful if you are looking for queries that have already completed.

Written on March 16, 2020